Who do I talk to about appraised value?

The Revenue Commissioner places a value on all property. This office is located in the County Courthouse.

How do I apply for exemptions?

You must apply for exemptions between October 1st and the third Monday in January. Regular homesteads can be claimed year round.

If I didn’t receive a tax statement, do I have to pay the taxes?

The Revenue Commissioner is not required to mail tax notices and does so only as a courtesy to the taxpayer. You are responsible for the payment of taxes whether you receive a statement or not.

Why do I have to pay a penalty if I didn’t receive a tax statement?

Alabama law requires the Revenue Commissioner to collect interest and penalty on all past due taxes at the rate of 12% per annum.

How long after my taxes become delinquent can my property be sold?

Unpaid taxes on your property will cause your property to be sold yearly.

Do I have the option to redeem my property?

Yes. You may redeem your property within 3 years of sale by paying all taxes, interest, fees, and penalties at the rate of 12% per annum.

Can I get a deed to property if I pay the taxes?

No. Paying taxes on property does not constitute ownership. State law allows taxes to be paid By persons other than the owner(s).

Must I pay delinquent taxes if I didn’t own the property in delinquent years?

Yes. The taxes follow the property. The tax liability must be satisfied by the property owner whether the taxes were incurred prior to current ownership. Never purchase property before having a title opinion from a reputable source.

What should I do when I buy property?

  • Record the deed in the Probate Office.
  • Assess the property in the Revenue Commissioners Office. Note: Be sure to bring the deed.
  • If you purchased property during the year you need to make sure that the taxes are paid. The tax bill will usually be in the previous owner’s name. You are responsible for taxes on all property you own, no matter how the bill may be listed.
  • Report all address changes promptly to the Revenue Commissioner’s Office in writing.